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Hall of famer boxing champion, trainer,
content creator, and zen lover.

Hollie Dunaway began boxing professionally at the age of 18. She was WBAN's 2003 busiest rookie of the year, competing in a total of 10 fights in just one year. Hollie won her first world title at 19 years old, and averaged one loss every 2 years, until she won her second and third world titles at age 22 in Budapest, Hungary. She took many risks to obtain more old titles fighting in five weight divisions over the next decade. Challenging champions in their home countries six times and even winning a fourth title at a higher weight.

            Retiring from professional boxing in 2013, she was inducted into the St. Lois Boxing Hall of Fame later that same year. Since retiring, she has passed down her knowledge of the sport as a personal trainer. Hollie also ran her own boxing gym for a short time, coaching a successful amateur team. She also competed in wrestling for shows, and stunt videos for about 10 years. 

               Hollie now resides in South Florida where she continues to pass on her boxing knowledge on her social media platforms.  In her free time, she enjoys meditation, animals, the outdoors, and spends a lot of time on her yoga mat. 

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